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We stock finger guards in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. To order, and subject to volumes, we can supply infection control versions or provide RAL colour matching of some guard models.

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For lower risk and lower traffic doors we have budget priced finger guards through to heavier duty models and top-of-the-range products combining durability with designer style for use in prestigious and busy areas.

We have a selection of finger guards designed for automated doors - including a frameless glass door finger guard and a washable, ruggedised one for sterile environments also suitable for external use.

If you require the ultimate in robust design and materials we offer two different all-alloy construction finger protectors.

For general industrial, commercial and (some) security gate applications two popular guards are the Astro FingerKeeper Industrial TPV range and the FingerKeeper Industrial - RP62 range.

We also stock rear hinge guards - to cover the smaller gap at the rear of the door - in either neutral finishes or, for many models, colour matched to a corresponding front finger guard.

For a trade or wholesale price on our finger guard product range please get in touch with us or click on the links below to see more information about each finger protection product:

tel: 01329 844 500 or email: sales@astroflame.com

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro FingerKeeper Commercial Front

Finger Keeper is a finger shield - a door safety, accident prevention product, designed to prevent finger trapping injuries.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Saver Elite Front

Budget Priced Door Guards | Finger Saver Elite is a low cost, full length, door guard | Brown or White finish from stock.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Guardian Front and Rear

Finger Guardian prevents finger trapping accidents in doors | Front and Rear Finger Guard versions available in many finishes including simulated woodgrains | Similar design to Raven RP62.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Guard Clear

A see through finger guard for doors | Tested to 100,000 cycles | 1950mm lengths.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Keeper Industrial TPV

Anti finger trapping guard for heavy duty use in commercial, retail, industrial and similar environments | Indoor or outdoor applications | Weather resistant.

Product Details

Trade Name: Finger Keeper Industrial - RP62

Anti finger trapping hinge guard for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial environments | Raven RP62 Finger Guard.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Defender RP

A high quality and resilient blind. When the door opens the roller blind extends to prevent fingers entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and door frame.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Defender RPQR

Astro Finger Defender RPQR - quick release system is a high quality finger guard with resilient blind | Which allows for inspection and maintenance on a fire door | fire retardant B1 treated.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Defender

Finger Defender is a “roller blind” action finger guard for automated or manual opening doors | Prevents fingers being trapped in doors.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Protecta

A high quality, resilient 'blind' type mechanism prevents finger trapping | Stylish anodized housing | For automated or manual doors.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Defender - Glass

Retracting Roller System Finger Guard for Glass Doors | Automated or manual opening | Single or double action glass doors.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Defender - Washable

Door Finger Guards ideal for hospitals and kitchens where the guard can be easily cleaned | Also perfect as a weather proof finger guard.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro DigiSaver

DigiSaver door finger guard manufactured in durable T6 aluminium alloy | For timber doors having up to 120 or 180 degree opening angles.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro AluSlide Finger Guard

AluSlide is a robust, all Aluminium, finger guard for doors | Suitable for heavily trafficked areas | Long life and low maintenance.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro FingerKeeper Rearguard

Fingerkeeper Rear Hinge Guard is a fingershield | An accident prevention product | Various colours to choose from | Low maintenance wipe clean.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger Saver Elite Rear

Prevents Finger Trapping Accidents in Doors | Low cost, full length, hinge guard for rear of door | Aluminium look finish to match door hinges.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Finger SlimGuard Rear

SlimGuard is a simple, strong and elegant solution to finger trapping accidents | Prevents fingers entering the hinge gap in the rear of the door


> Children's Service : Local Code Of Practice 27 : Finger Entrapment

This LCOP establishes a safe system to minimise the risk of finger entrapment in doors. The criteria for management is based on a risk assessment approach which places duties on the LA.

Governing bodies have a duty to ensure so far as their position allows that the premise and plant or substances used in the premise are safe and without risk. Governing bodies also have a legal duty to comply with the LA's directions and to co-operate with the LA so far as is necessary to enable the LA to comply with its statutory responsibility.

It is the responsibility of Premises Controllers (Headteachers in the case of Schools) to carry out the policies agreed and maintained by the LA and where applicable the governing body. Accordingly it is the responsibility of the Premises Controller to manage the day to day practicalities of this local code of practice. The LA recommends the arrangements outlined within this code of practice are used by all its educational establishments and added to the Arrangement Section of their Safety Policy.

All employees are under a statutory duty to co-operate with the LA and governing body so far as it necessary to enable these parties to meet legal obligations.

For more information please download the Children's Service, Local Code of Practice 27, Finger Entrapment document

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> Delivery/Returns

For in-stock items orders received before 2pm (Monday-Friday) are generally dispatched for delivery on the following working day (Monday-Friday). All dates quoted for despatch are estimates only and are not guaranteed. We will endeavour to meet these dates but shall have no liability for any delay in despatch or delivery or any damage or loss occasioned thereby. We may deliver products pursuant to any order by instalments. If we are unable to deliver the goods for any reason,you will be contacted and you will not be obliged to pay for the goods which have not been delivered, you also have the option to cancel the goods that have been delivered, however we shall not be liable for any loss of income or profit which may have been caused by the delay or non delivery of goods.

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