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Lighting holes in a ceiling is a potential fire hazard. Plaster board ceilings have a natural ability to act as a fire barrier. In any building where people maybe living or working above, the ceiling below must be fire rated. Astroflame's range of fire rated lighting products are used to restore the fire integrity of a ceiling. Click here for technical guidance on the following products.

In the event of a fire, the holes in the ceiling act like a gateway that allows fire to spread through, unchallenged. Once the fire starts to spread through this hole it has direct access to the adjoining structure. Astroflame's range of fire rated lighting products help seal off the hole and slow down the spread of fire.

This delay allows occupants to escape the building or ideally allows additional time for the fire to be extinguished. Astroflame's range of fire rated lighting products have a rating up to 120 minutes (depending on the structure of the building and more importantly how many floors it has). The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) recommends that fire rated lighting products should be used in all ceilings, regardless of which type of building they are being installed in.

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Product Details

Trade Name: Astro LC Loft Cone

Loft Cone | Downlight fire hood with thermal insulating properties | Safe to locate beneath loft insulation.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Lumi Cover

Fire Hoods | Up to 120 Minutes Fire Rating | Provides thermal and acoustic insulation | Lightweight and flexible, offering easy installation.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro DL Cover

Fire and Acoustic Rated Downlight Fire Hoods | Covers a wide range of mains & low voltage downlighters | Choice of 5 sizes available.

Product Details

Trade Name: Astro Lumi Canopy

Fire Rated Fabric Luminaire Canopies | Drop on fire hoods for luminaire lighting | 60 min fire rated.

> Technical Guidance

Recessed light fittings in ceilings to intermediate floors in houses | 6.4/10 - Aug 2019 (third Issue)


What should be considered when installing recessed light fittings (downlighters) in plasterboard ceilings, to intermediate floors in houses, with regards to fire resistance and isolation from insulation?

  • Fire resistance of a floor will vary depending on the type of floor deck, joists type e.g. solid, I-joists or metal web joists, or metal web joists and thickness and type of plasterboard used for the ceiling.
  • Holes in ceilings will reduce the fire resistance of the ceiling/floor construction.
  • Proprietary fire hoods can be used over light fittings to help provide the required fire resistance.
  • Certified fire resistant downlighters are available, which achieve fire resistance without further protection.
  • To avoid heat build-up and loss of performance, drivers, transformers and lamps should not be covered by insulation.
  • Amended: In England and Wales, intermediate floors in two storey houses need to achieve a 'modified' 30 minutes fire resistance. A full 30 minutes fire resistance will need to be provided to intermediate floors in three storey houses and over an integral garage in two storey houses. Great fire resistance may be required in taller or more complex buildings and it is best to check with your surveyor if this is the case.


Solid timber joists

  • Non fire-rated downlighters, without further protection, should have fire test evidence for use in a similar solid joist floor build-up, or be fitted with fire hoods. Alternatively, fire resisting downlighters should be used.
  • Fire-resistant downlighters and fire-resistant hoods are only acceptable if test evidence supports their use in a similar solid joist floor build-up.

I-joists and metal web joists

  • For engineered floor joists, it is recommended that all recessed downlighters be either fire resistant or fitted with fire hoods.
  • Fire-resistant downlighters and fire-resistant hoods are only acceptable if test evidence supports their use in a similar engineered joist floor build-up.


  • In all floor types, insulation should be kept back from the light fitting to safely disperse the build up of heat around the driver/transformer and lamp.

Download the lighting technical guidance PDF file:


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